The copyright of the plans remains the property of Fusion Catamarans International Ltd. None of the enclosed drawings may be reproduced in full or in part unless specifically for the purpose of quoting or supplying details for manufacturing purposes i.e: metal fabrication, sailmaking etc. If any details on these plans are supplied to any person or persons for the construction of any boat other than that of the owner of the plans, the owner of the plans may be subject to prosecution under the Copyright Act and further payments of design royalties may be deemed payable.

The plans, specifications, and associated information are supplied in good faith, having regard to the technical knowledge and information available at the time of issue. Fusion Catamarans International Ltd make no warranties, either express or implied, with respect to the plans and information supplied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or against infringement. Fusion Catamarans International Ltd do not warrant that the information contained in the plans and specifications will meet your requirements, or that the information supplied, whether verbally or in writing, will be correct and accurate. Fusion Catamarans International Ltd will not, to the extent permitted by law, accept any responsibility for loss, damage, or personal injury, however arising, occasioned by the implementation of the information provided. Each user must determine the suitability and value of the information for the intended purpose. Fusion Catamarans International Ltd will not be liable to refund, exchange, or otherwise compensate the purchaser for plans or other design information supplied. Fusion Catamarans International Ltd reserve the right to deem a vessel to be unworthy of being advertised, branded, or otherwise promoted as being designed by Fusion Catamarans International Ltd if that vessel, in the opinion of Fusion Catamarans International Ltd, has been sufficiently altered, or the plans substantially deviated from including vessels which are built significantly in excess of their intended weight, or if the workmanship and overall presentation of the vessel are, in the opinion of Fusion Catamarans International Ltd, less than satisfactory.

Any moulds, templates, or tooling which would be deemed suitable for the construction of more than one vessel will become the property of Fusion Catamarans International Ltd unless a specific agreement in writing between the tool maker or boatbuilder specifies that ownership of the moulds or tooling has been otherwise assigned. Any construction from the plans and specifications supplied implies that the constructor, or owner of the vessel has read, and agrees to the above terms and conditions.


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