This chapter deals with the manufacture of Carbon Fibre Chainplates, in the event you are using conventional Stainless Steel, the information is explained on the plans and in most cases these will be manufactured by an engineering company. The benefits in Carbon is the fitting is watertight and it is light weight.
Remember these pictures are of the E-series 1060 and in the larger cats the layups will be heavier (check with your own plans).

The deck has been glassed and coved onto the aft saloon bulkhead, now mark the positiom of the chainplate. Cut the marked section out of the deck (the cut out is centred over the bulkhead) and keep the piece of deck in a safe place for later use.

(Note when getting the pin and bearings machined, talk to your rigger, as the sizes will be govened by them, not necessarily the plans)

The area between the bulkhead and the pin is solid fibreglass, this is attached to the top of the bulkhead and the pins are mounted at the correct angle for the type of rig you are using.

Epoxy bog the bearings to the solid glass at the correct angle. Quick clamps are handy for positioning while bog dries.
Front view
Side View

With the epoxy bog cured the clamps are removed


From this angle the bulkhead position can be seen.
The areas around the chainplate are cleaned up ready for glassing
The glass is cut into strips ready for applying
The Carbon fibre is cut to length and rolled up ready for application.
The carbon fibre is applied in layers as per the plan layup for your size of cat.
In this picture the Carbon layup on the hull and bulkhead is clearly seen.
When dry, the area is roughly ground fair
Clean out the bearings and test fit the pin
The piece of deck material you put aside can now be fitted.
With it glued in position, fairing can now take place
From another angle
Interior view with Carbon fibre still visible on bulkhead and hull.

With the deck faired, painted and decktread on, the chain plates certainly look the part.

The finished product, with the rig standing.
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