(Core-Cell foam cored)

DuFLEX panels, consisting of a strong, lightweight Core-Cell linear structural foam core separating two high strength, structural face laminates, have been developed to provide the user with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, structural panel. The standard DuFLEX panel face laminates uses the ADR246TX epoxy laminating system reinforced with multiaxial E-glass fibre (face laminates of aramid and carbon fibre are also available).

The high bond strength achieved with the ADR246TX epoxy system and the non-segmented configuration of the core precludes any possibility of significant moisture ingress subsequent to damage; osmotic blistering is unknown in the ADR246TX system.

DuFLEX composite sandwich panels are inherently stiffer than metal or solid FRP, therefore much less support structure is required leading to less weight and lower labour costs. Once fabricated into monolithic panels, DuFLEX can be free formed into the desired conical shape and allow high performance structures of any size and shape to be quickly fabricated without the need for expensive moulds.

ATL Composites' lightweight DuFLEX panels are designed to replace plywood, solid FRP, steel or aluminium in flat panel or gently cambered construction;

Marine Applications: Decks, hulls, bulkheads and flooring.
Road Transportation: Truck beds, bodies, side walls, bus floors.
Rail Transportation: Flooring, roofs, cabinetry, doors.
Industrial Applications: Holding tanks, lightweight accommodation modules.

ATL Composites Pty Ltd reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Weight may differ slightly (up or down).

  * Lightweight
  * Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio
  * High impact and fatigue resistance
  * Excellent flexural, shear and bond strengths
  * Superior sound and thermal insulation properties
  * High moisture resistance
  * Excellent osmosis resistance
  * Positive flotation
  * Dimensional stability
Flexural Bending
Test Results


DuFLEX panels (80 kg/m3 (5 lb/ft3) Core-cell foam)-
1 x 600g (18 oz) biaxial E-glass either side of core

DuFLEX panels (80 kg/m3 (5 lb/ft3) Core-Cell foam)-
2 x 600g (18 oz) biaxial E-glass either side of core




Core Thickness

10 mm -13/32 in
13 mm -1/2 in
16mm -5/8 in
19 mm -3/4 in
25 mm -1 in

10 mm -13/32 in
13 mm -1/2 in
16 mm -5/8 in
19 mm -3/4 in
25 mm -1 in

Nominal Weight

3.0 kg/m2 . . . 0.62 lb/ft2
3.3 kg/m2 . . . 0.67 lb/ft2
3.5 kg/m2 . . . 0.73 lb/ft2
3.8 kg/m2 . . . 0.78 lb/ft2
4.3 kg/m2 . . . 0.87 lb/ft2

5.3 kg/m2 . . . 1.09 lb/ft2
5.5 kg/m2 . . . 1.14 lb/ft2
5.8 kg/m2 . . .1.24 lb/ft2
6.1 kg/m2 . . . 1.34 lb/ft2

PLEASE NOTE: Alternative skin laminates available upon request.      
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