Stiffening Edge Cutouts

When we take materials such as Featherlite Board or Duflex Balsa or even Duflex Foam etc., it is necessary to stiffen the edges of lockers, doors or any cutouts. Here we will describe a very simple method of making solid frames on both sides of the cutout.

Duflex Foam and Duflex Balsa are very much in vogue now as boat building materials, but one problem is that the core sandwich material on it's own, isn't particularly suitable for hard wearing surfaces or attaching heavy items to.
Featherlite is used as a replacement for ply in the manufacture of lightweight furniture fitouts but unfortunately this material also suffers the same problem as the Duflex sheets.
Mark out the size of your locker, cutout or door, and include the hinges and locks.
Use an offcut of the material to set the depth of your router, as you will need a depth which will remove all the core material and leave the bottom layer of glass in place.
Once the material has been removed, mix epoxy bog to a peanut butter consistency and fill the routered area.
The consistency can be mayonnaise where the surfaces are all horizontal. (flat)
When the bog has dried (24hrs), sand the bog surface flat, and then using a jig saw cut the pieces out staying in the centre of the bogged line.
When the sections have been removed you have a nice solid edge on both pieces.
Routering in hinges or any other fittings which need solid base is simple.
Simply fill and sand as previously explained, and you have a nice neat finish.
Remember to jigsaw the centre of the epoxy bog so that both sides end up with equal epoxy filled surfaces.
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