Corbra International Co. Ltd.

CMI is half owned by Cobra International and half owned by a group of Overseas investors including CMI top management, Pom Green, Bill Green (from Green Marine). Cobra is a giant composite company, they have more than 4,000 employees and 100,000m2 of operative factory space, their main production lines are:

  • High quality surf and windsurf boards over 1,100 pieces per day, (the largest producer in the world by far)
  • Kite and other sports boards
  • Composite parts for well known high quality European and Japanese automobile and motorcycle companies
  • Kayaks and jet skis
  • Industrial components
  • CMI performance yacht building.

Between them these lines are producing each week 65,000 kgs of finished cored composite parts.

The common denominator is that all the lines specialize in high end composite construction and they are leaders in their field for high level finish, light weight composites. Due to the size of Cobra, CMI has excellent terms with the best suppliers, some of whom have even opened companies on the same industrial estate just to supply Cobra. On the Industrial estate there are also companies manufacturing, anchor windlasses, wheels,
deck gear, cookers and interior furnishings for some of the most famous US and European marine companies

The onsite shared facilities are beyond what most (normal) yards can only dream of, and they include :

  • 8 x 3 axis CNC machines for wood, core and panel cutting and shaping
  • 4 large CNC machines capable of working metals as well as shaping moulds and plug parts
  • 3 laser cutters for metal and wood cutting
  • Upholstery and cloth work department with laser cutters and 100 seamstresses
  • In house SS and aluminium workshops for small and large work for custom boats
  • Full 4 computer controlled autoclaves.
  • Temperature controlled resin and paint stores for 300 tonnes of resin
  • 8,000 m² of dry stores
  • Space for storage of moulds and available building space for expansion.

The dedicated CMI factory unit consists of a 5,500m2 production unit which include:

  • A paint area (10 metres by 25 metres)
  • 3 large climate controlled areas for working high level epoxy materials with temperature control from 18 to 90 degrees Celsius, each of them 9 metres by 24 metres.
  • A plug and mould making area,
  • a fitout area
  • 250m² of office space
  • Independent stores for different materials and equipment
  • Emergency generator system and all equipment for high level vacuum controlled composite construction
  • Wood working and carpentry area
  • seperate from the main building, CMI has their own metal work shop

The Ceo Speaks...

“There are no shortcuts to building well finished, lightweight boats, it always takes a lot of time, control and good materials. Our quality of build and finish stems from the combination of full time experienced composite technicians, Pom Green and Dave Wright from Green Marine background, allied to good boat builders, (14 Overseas boat builders) most of whom have built Volvo 70s, TP52s, high performance sailing cruisers such as Wally Yachts or America's Cup boats. These foremen have trained teams of well supervised local labour, presently 130 local staff and hence there is a cost advantage.

However it is important to understand that our goal is not to be a cheap builder but a very high quality builder that is well priced. Relative to Europe our overhead costs are better, our material costs are better (our major partner Cobra produces 65,000 kgs per week of fully finished cored composite products). The result of this means that we can afford to put much more time into the build and the details relative to a European builder.”

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